This is probably one of the items I’m really itching to get my hands on this coming year. All the possibilities that I can see myself using it for both at home as well as in the classroom. Seeing the potential with our robotics class as well as use with the GoPro’s on campus and the additional uses in the STEM classes… I’m excited at the various ideas that have been discussed using this device.

The Myo gesture and motion control armband lets you use the movements of your hands to effortlessly control your phone, computer, and so much more.

Myo armband senses gesture and motion control to seamlessly interpret what your hands and fingers are doing, and transmits that information over Bluetooth to communicate with your favourite digital devices.

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Looking to find a new app for your device? 
Then check out Quixey

This website allows you to search for various apps based on what device you own. Customizable browsing as well as trending to see what’s new and what other people are using.

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With Quixey you have a user-friendly window where you can select categories as well as trending choices.

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