Study Island

study_island_logo I’ve had the opportunity to look at this program that is owned by Edmentum called Study Island. Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.12.21 AM The beauty that I find in this program is the Online Standards Mastery Program. This simple tool is aligned and specifically written to the Florida FCAT and Common Core standards, presented in an online test-like fashion. Although the school that I teach at doesn’t apply to these standards as we are a private college preparatory school, we have the ability to create customized test for our various classes.  This allows us to create placements exams for new students as well as create practice exams for students in a majority of our classes even the AP classes. Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 9.10.20 AM Another key point about this program is that a school is able to not only track their curriculum standards but also get real-time results and track students, teachers and the school as a whole in terms of data. This really helps the school to get a “picture” of how they are doing as well as their students. Being able to specifically design this to fit the needs of our school and have the data and information to track the curriculum as well as the progress of the teachers and students is an asset to any school.



Are you looking for a way to engage the students in your classroom?

Or possible engage the people who are attending a presentation you’re giving…

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Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system that can be used at schools or businesses.

I introduced this response system to the teachers at my school and they loved using it with their students, either as an interactive way to quiz the reading for the night before or also as a way to see how well student know the content prior to a quiz or testing.

Simply go to

and sign up for an account.

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Forget Coding, Let’s Change Up How We Teach Math! – The Edublogger

screen-shot-2013-12-09-at-4-22-15-pmForget Coding, Let’s Change Up How We Teach Math! – The Edublogger.


This is probably one of the items I’m really itching to get my hands on this coming year. All the possibilities that I can see myself using it for both at home as well as in the classroom. Seeing the potential with our robotics class as well as use with the GoPro’s on campus and the additional uses in the STEM classes… I’m excited at the various ideas that have been discussed using this device.

The Myo gesture and motion control armband lets you use the movements of your hands to effortlessly control your phone, computer, and so much more.

Myo armband senses gesture and motion control to seamlessly interpret what your hands and fingers are doing, and transmits that information over Bluetooth to communicate with your favourite digital devices.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.39.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.39.14 PM


I’m pretty sure everyone out there has watched a TED talk or two and really enjoyed them.. the beauty of TED-Ed is that you’re able to build a lesson around a TED talk, YouTube video or TED-Ed original.

What is TedEd?

When you make these TED-Ed lesson you’re able to search from various categories or even create you own lesson.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.10.17 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.10.38 PM

You’re able to create any lesson based on your subject of choice. There are so many resources on how to create your own lesson that this site is a great tool to get students into a discussion on topics.Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 8.11.21 PM

PlanBook – Introduction


This past week we discussed PlanBook an application from the Mac App store as well as the iPad App that goes along with it. The next few days I’ll be posting tutorials on how to setup your classroom schedule and lesson plans using this technology tool.

Some of the various highlights with using this App are:

Choose Your Schedule
Planbook can accommodate schedules where you teach the same thing each day, your classes change each day but repeat weekly and rotating schedules (up to a 14 day rotation). This will accommodate our Lower School with a 6 day rotating schedule as well as our Upper School with an 8 day rotating schedule.

Write your Lesson Plans
Planbook gives you 6 customizable fields to hold your lesson plans. You can show and hide the fields you want to use, and name them whatever you want.

Attach Files and Links
Planbook lets you attach any file on your computer directly to a lesson plan. You can also attach web links. Stop searching through folders or file cabinets and have the files you need right where you want them.

Print/Email your Plans
Planbook makes it easy to share your plans with your administrator, other teachers or students via print or emailed PDFs. You can choose a weeks’ lesson plans, specify a range of dates, a unit or all your lessons that have been tagged with a keyword. You control what gets printed. This also makes things easier if you were to get sick and have a sub at the last minute.

Adjust your Schedule
When the weather gets rough (or any of the 100s of things happen that can affect your best laid plans), Planbook lets you quickly bump or pull back lessons to adjust your plans. Planbook also lets you make non school days to reflect holidays, in-services, weather days – whatever comes your way.

Reuse your Plans
Next term, or next year, don’t recreate all your hard work. You can export courses (or units) from your Planbook file and import them into a new one. If your classes stay the same, simply migrate the entire file to a new start date and have all your plans shift to the new term.

Share Plans on the Web
All Planbook licenses come with the free use of PlanbookConnect, a service I’ve created that syncs the plans you’ve entered and builds web pages for your students, parents or colleagues. Planbook can also publish HTML pages to a local folder or FTP server. If after watching the tutorials, and after downloading the trial, please contact Michael O’Brien for your license number.

Convert Days
Even those in schools with the strictest schedules will sometimes need to adjust their schedule to accommodate changes. Planbook lets you convert one type of day to another (an A day to a B day) or even create (and reuse) custom schedules (such as an assembly schedule or half-day schedule).

Sync to iCal
With a few simple mouse clicks, you can have all your lesson plan information synced directly to iCal calendars of your choice. Then, you can access your plans anyplace you can see your iCal calendars.

Track Standards
Planbook lets you define (or import) your curriculum standards into your data file. You can then easily track which lessons covered which standard using a simple checkbox.