Betsy K. Lee VerbMy name is Betsy K. Lee Verb, such a perfect name for a teacher right? No I don’t teach English, I teach technology and design classes at an exemplary school in Naples, Florida.

Teaching in today’s world of technology can be overwhelming for a teacher. I’ve created this blog to help teachers learn about some of the modern technology tools that are out there that they can incorporate in their day-to-day classroom activities. While I’m learning about these various tools in my Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture class, I can share all this knowledge with teachers out there who are also craving new ways to increase creativity in their classroom by using technology.

Hope you enjoy!

Here’s a little more about me…

Betsy Verb

For a free copy of my research project in iBooks

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One comment on “About

  1. Hello Betsy,
    I will begin by saying that you and I chose one of the same wikis! Cool Tools for Schools. I love the variety of information available for students. Which tool do you think will be the easiest to use to teach your students and why? I would like to suggest you send the link of your blog to your fellow coworkers. This could enhance their professional development. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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