I had already used Twitter under my personal account with quite a few people who I follow their posts. However creating a new account that is specifically for teaching and technology has been refreshing since now all my teaching and technology information can be found in one area.

My Twitter account I created I also called Techie4Teachers to match my WordPress site.
To follow me on Twitter click here

I created the layout of my Twitter account to match my WordPress site as well.

Techie4Teachers Twitter Site

I read a tweet on 5 Power Tweeter Tips on How to Use Twitter like a Pro
The article talks about how the beauty of Twitter is that you can network with people who you don’t actually have to know and share personal information with like you do with Facebook.
To start with a subject that you’re wanting to find more information on, simple type the subject into the search line.

Join the conversations
From that point, just join the conversation. Conversations are simply start with @Techie4Teachers as an example and then your reply.

Check out to find prominent people by the interest you are looking for more information on.

You can organize the people you follow by lists, whether is by certain subjects, or where they live so you can separate and clean up your Twitter stream based on what you’re specifically looking for.

Another great article to check out How to Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags
or those you who understand websites and metatags, think of hashtags like those. So if I hashtag a tweet that I create as #AppleNetworkingProblems, I can plug that same Hashtag into the search and I’ll find other tweets that people have posted with the same subject.

As a teacher, I could assign my student to go out and find different magazine articles that they like the design of, then have them hashtag it #CSNVerbGfx and when I lookup that hashtag I should be able to locate my class and their assignments.

And last but not least… make sure your Twitter handle is out there for people to find!

Happy Tweeting!!

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