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After reviewing two different videos: Jimmy Wales: How a ragtag band created Wikipedia & Mercator Lecture – Jimmy Wales, I decided to start exploring the world of wikis. I loved learning how with a wiki you can have a network of people contributing to one source. Especially knowing that the information contributed can be monitored and regulated. While researching different educational wiki sites, I’ve found some great one that have some great technology resources for educators.

Educational Origami


Educational Origami

Educational Origami was one of the favorite sites that I found for resources for educators. It had links ranging from Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy to Learning Styles, Digital Citizenship and various Web 2.0 tools.

21st Century Teacher

The 21st Century teacher breaks down what an educator needs to consider for educating our students.


Learning to Change Video

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory

On this page they discussed Gardners’s Multiple Intelligences Theory and then break down the different categories as well as programs that can be used in the classroom to focus on that category.


Digital Citizenship

The Digital Citizenship even contains a page with a tool in it, which school can use to analyze their students knowledge.

Digital Citizenship Analysis Tool


Web 2.0 Tools


This page was great since it listed all the various tools and it easily able to be updated by contributors.

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The Other Wiki that I explored is called

Cool Tools for Schools

Cool Tools for Schools


This site was a great source for just education tools. I liked how it was very simple and had graphics to accompany the layout. There was a wide variety of tool categories such as:

  • Presentation
  • Collaborative
  • Video
  • Slide show
  • Image
  • Graphing
  • Creativity
  • Widgets.

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The Creativity Page I found most interesting as then on the page they went into further categories such as:

  • Thinking
  • Games
  • Simulators
  • Classroom Activities
  • Animations
  • Creating your own games.

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Teacher Resources Page

The Teacher Resources Page was nice because they then broke down the links based on subjects such as:

  • Reading
  • Oral
  • Written Language
  • Mathematics
  • Professional Development, etc.

Professional Development

Under Professional Development they had a very cool link to http://learner.org

From here teachers can get various ideas of how to expand technology and creativity into their curriculum.

Teacher Resources - Learner.org

Both of these site are great resources for educators, with a slightly different feel to them. The Educational Origami site focuses on the classroom as a whole from a Learning Theories point of view all the way to technology tools. The Cool Tools for Schools is great for resources, plus it’s easy to navigate with the graphics and layout. The beauty of these wikis is that educators and technology gurus can consistently update and add new resources that are discovered and become available to people.

After viewing all of these, I’m going to start a wiki to use in my classes, where students can upload their projects when they are completed and then the final project can be available for the parents and other students to view. The students will enjoy having their work online as well as the ability to continually update where they are. The parents will get to visually see the work that their children have completely.

10 comments on “Exploring the Wiki World

  1. Hi Betsy. I like your wiki link on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. Based on the on the Rise Model for self-evaluation I was able to come up with a few questions for myself. One being how was I going to structure my research based on the M.I. Theory. I was able to view one great example. The link you provided offers a lot of great strategies to consider.

    Awesome information! Thanks for sharing.



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  3. I liked the way you broke each wiki down for the reader and explained each function individually. You did a very comprehensive job of reviewing each wiki. I also liked the fact that you included a paragraph about how you will use the wikis in your professional life. This gives the reader a very good understanding of each of the wikis and I can see how both of them would be very helpful to an educator. I liked the fact that you used visuals in your blog. This helps appeal to audio visual learners like myself. Have you considered using some videos? A few informative videos might help hold your readers interests. Perhaps you could also write about how technology, social networking and the free exchange of knowledge has improved our educational system. These wikis are some of the tools that might contribute to a technologically revolutionized educational system in the future. Overall, this was a great blog and I enjoyed reading it. I think these tools can be very helpful to teachers and you do a great job in extolling their benefits.


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  5. I really like the Cool Tools for Schools wiki and how you focused on the parts of the wiki that you found most interesting. There are a number of tools in this wiki I would like to explore further. Thank you for including slideshows instead of the normal static photos for your images. It gives a more complete picture of the experience you are blogging about. I would like to use something similar in my future posts.

    Have you considered hyperlinking the terms or phrases associated with the urls instead of listing out the urls separately underneath those terms or phrases? This is just a thought, but for example, hyperlinking the heading Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory to the actual url may help with search engine optimizing your page.

    I admire the detail you put into your posts. It is exemplary of your passion about the subject matter at hand.


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  7. Betsy, I also like out detail oriented you were in posting the many features that each wiki offered. As a educator, and future teacher, I also agree with you in your analysis that many of the wikis in your post especially the Web 2.o Cool Tools For Teachers are very helpful tool to have. I was able to use one of the thinking tools, in the Cool tools for teachers site, and was very impressed. I would recommend this tool to you to use in your classroom to help enhance student’s vocabulary and writing skills. I was very inspired by your posted, and my hope is to become more detail oriented when I am doing reviews, in the future. Great Job!


  8. Hello Betsy,
    I will begin by saying that you and I chose one of the same wikis! Cool Tools for Schools. I love the variety of information available for students. Which tool do you think will be the easiest to use to teach your students and why? I would like to suggest you send the link of your blog to your fellow coworkers. This could enhance their professional development. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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