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While recently looking for various emerging technologies that I can apply to my day-to-day teaching I have had other teachers using Evernote in their classrooms, but I wanted to explore Skitch by Evernote and see what capabilities it had compared to its mother application. Since I teach design classes with visual assignments, this application seemed to be an appropriate fit to my needs.

After playing around with this application both on my computer as well as on my iPad and on my iPhone I reviewed it based on some criteria:

  • Usability – I am not a novice to many of these applications, even so I found it to be very user-friendly and easy to import existing students projects into the applications and draw notes and write comments to the students on suggestions on how to improve their projects. There are various ways to share the finalized image straight from the application to social media sites if needed. Due to the simplicity of the application it appeals to both novice as well as experienced users.
  • Navigation – the touch screen navigation on the iPad and iPhone was very user-friendly to click and draw. On the computer application, it was also very simple to choose the tool, the colors and type in comments where it was needed.
  • Reliability – While using this application I did not have any errors occur and most applications have regular updates that come to you via notifications so you have the latest versions where bugs and glitches are fixed.
  • Support – There are various tutorials on the Evernote site that walks you through how to use this app on multiple devices.
  • Cost – this application is both free through the application’s website as well as through the App Store on the Macintosh for all devices. However these costs have been known to change based upon popularity.

I was able to import various yearbook pages into this application and type up notes and needed correction to my students. From there I was able to save these corrections and email them straight from my computer.

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  1. I like the fact that this tool allows you to edit photos on the go. Unlike traditional photo editing software the picture doesn’t need to be loaded onto a computer, edited and then exported. This tool seems like it would be a time saver when making simple edits to images. Have you considered adding some more visually stimulating items into your blog? You could add a little more color and bold and/or underline your headings. You also might consider including some hyperlinks in your presentation. When you explained about the app being free at the app store you could have included a hyperlink directly to the app. Perhaps you could expand on the usefulness of Skitch. It seems like it could be very useful for teacher development as well as in the classroom. It could be a good tool when instructing teachers how to operate other forms of technology used in the classroom or when presenting information at meetings.


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  3. Hello Betsy,
    I enjoyed reading your post. I have never heard of Skitch by Evernote. I watched the embedded videos and I was quite impressed with the possibilities this application has to offer in relation to marking and editing pictures, websites, ect. Have you shared apps such as these with your co-workers? I know they could benefit from them. I would like to suggest that you incorporate using this application in part of your lessons at least once a week. This will help you practice learning how to use the tool. You could create a separate page in the future that has suggested applications. As part of the design of the page, you could label or edit some of the content using Stitch by Evernote.


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  5. This is my first time ever hearing of this. After watching the videos I was very eager to learn more about stitch. I can see myself using this program to edit pictures, I also love that it’s free for right now. I sorry but I love free stuff apps like this I can see myself paying for this down the line if I need to.


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  7. Hi Betsy,
    I just watched your Skitch by Evernote application for iPhone tutorial video, and found it to be a durable and useful. It is a very impressive application especially the tool for editing and tagging photos. The marking up website tool can be used in most genre. It is refreshing, as a educator to have been exposed to such a easy product to use on the go. After watching the video, I downloaded the application to my iPhone and showed my son who is an artist how to use it to sign and his drawing to copyright them to post to the internet. The possibilities for using the photo editing tool is limitless.


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  9. I can see how Skitch can be very helpful when working on design projects because it allows you to quickly edit/annotate images and share those notes immediately via email and other web services. How does the mobile experience of Skitch compare to the desktop version of this application? Sometimes functionality is limited in mobile versions of applications versus their desktop counterparts.

    Thank you for sharing both of these informative videos! I have never heard of Skitch before I read your post, but I see immediate value in using this application in my day to day responsibiliites as a designer.


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  11. Hi betsyverb! This is a cool little app to use to create quick highlights to mark important features! The application made for the iPhone and the iPad were great additions. It’s good for people who are always on the go. 😀


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